Worth Partnership Project: Europe's largest creativity incubator

The creative sector is a source of inspiration for Europe's economy in tackling the challenges of sustainability and inclusion


The creative industry is an important pillar of the EU economy, not only because of its numbers, €643 billion and more than 7.6 million people employed before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but also and above all because it is one of the most vital sectors, capable of driving important changes driven by the more positive aspirations of new generations, such as adopting a more sustainable and inclusive modus operandi.

Committed to support the sector, the EU has made available a range of tools, measures and incentives to revitalise the sector and help it to face future challenges. Among these initiatives, the WORTH Partnership Project is a four-year project funded by COSME, the European Union's Programme for the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, which promotes transnational collaborations between designers, creatives, manufacturing companies (SMEs) and tech firms to create innovative and design-driven products.

MINTA - a modular structure system

"The incredible added value that comes from the interaction of different points of view, knowledge, experience, skills and the influence of different worlds and values, combined with continuous innovation-driven approach, have been the elements of success of the WORTH winning partnerships that over the last 4 years have tackled the hottest topics in design including circular economy, high performance materials, craftsmanship 4.0, social innovation" - confirms Korina Mollá, coordinator of WORTH Partnership Project.

Lumimóza - a handcrafted, unique, tradeable porcelain lamp.

In particular, the winning partnerships had access to an incubation programme that included basic financial support, personalised coaching and mentoring by international specialists and experts, support in accessing finance and market positioning, advice on IP protection and participation in networking activities as well as two international exhibitions. Result: in four years, 152 projects involving 346 partners from 34 countries across Europe have been selected and developed, so much so that the EU has decided to launch a second phase of the project that will run until 2025.

LiLo - a signature modular clasp made of emerald by-products and recycled metals.

The video series “CREATIVITY” presents the 64 winning partnerships of the last Call tell about their projects and their unique vision on sustainability, digital production, high performance materials, social innovation and craftsmanship 4.0.

REFRAMD - great fitting, high-quality eyewear for people with low and wide nose bridges.

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