New look for the Bruno Munari Garden in Milan

News, Milan — 27 May 2021

Noroo Milan Design Studio used nanotechnology paints that reduce pollution by 89% to renovate the Milanese garden, which has been subject to vandalism over the last years.

The redevelopment of the Bruno Munari Garden in Milan has just been completed, by the Korean experts of Colorful Intelligence Noroo Milano Design Studio, a spin-off of the Korean company Noroo Paint, with the support and coordination of the WAU! Milano Association (formerly Re-Take Milano) and the support of the Maurizio Fragiacomo Foundation.

© Noroo Milan Design Studio

© Noroo Milan Design Studio

The Bruno Munari Garden, for a long time subject to vandalism and serious degradation, was built in 2005 and is located within the City Hall 9, between Via Toce, Via Boltraffio, Via Cusio and Via Rigola. The project for its requalification has provided for the realization of four different color interventions. The first one, on a wall at the corner of the garden, is dedicated to childhood; the second one, called "trees behind trees", consists of a sequence of painted trunks, as if they were the mirror or the continuum of the real ones; the third intervention involved the volume of an old service shed, on which the new design and colors recall the skyline of the new buildings of Porta Garibaldi; the fourth intervention, in the heart of the garden, has as its subject an intertwining of large ventilation pipes, which through bright colors are transformed into a real urban sculpture.

© Noroo Milan Design Studio

© Noroo Milan Design Studio

The idea of collaboration between WAU! Milano and NMDS comes from the desire to take possession of a degraded area of the city to give life to a project of active civic participation, not only confined to the cleaning of spaces. It is an intervention of tactical urbanism in green key, aimed at transforming the garden in a meeting place and more people-friendly. 

© Noroo Milan Design Studio

© Noroo Milan Design Studio

The intervention has improved the conditions of the area, transforming the Munari Garden into a park that is not only more colorful but also healthier: in fact, special nanotechnological anti-smog coatings were used, which absorb smog (reducing it by 89%, equivalent to the creation of 300 m² of woodland) and consequently contribute to improving air quality.

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