"Abitare l’innovazione”: Xiaomi interprets Fuorisalone's theme of the year

News — 16 June 2021

Xiaomi, world leader in technology, has accepted the invitation of Fuorisalone, that for the 2021 edition proposes the theme “Forme dell’Abitare” (Forms of Living), developing a project dedicated to the theme of innovation within the domestic space with the format "Living Innovation".

The theme of the 2021 edition is an extended investigation that embraces domestic space, the city, the environment and relationships between people. A moment of active confrontation that pays particular attention to the themes of circular design, sustainability and wellbeing, interpreted and shared by Xiaomi in its communication plan and in the activities developed with Brera Design Apartment.

Xiaomi becomes Main Sponsor of and Brera Design District and with "Abitare l'innovazione" proposes a format that, as the title suggests, intends to investigate innovation as an integral, almost invisible, part of our everyday life. From June to December 2021, the project and the communication plan will be aimed at promoting a different way of living and sharing technology within the domestic space thanks to an integrated digital system that allows to manage functions, consumption and performance of everyday objects.

Brera Design Apartment will host "Casa Xiaomi", which will be animated with a series of activities and phygital contents, in full compliance with anti-Covid ordinances, to bring as many people as possible closer to the ecosystem of Xiaomi products.

"We immediately embraced the theme proposed by this year's Fuorisalone, which is why we decided to embrace the project. This Main Sponsorship allows us to position Xiaomi in an exclusive but at the same time accessible context, in the heart of Milan and in the context of the Brera Design Apartment, the manifesto house of the Brera Design District" - says Davide Lunardelli, Head of Marketing of Xiaomi Italia.

"We have been planning for a long time to create a Xiaomi House that could show the benefits of our ecosystem of smart life products and finally I can say that we have succeeded in bringing to life something that until now we have only imagined".

Starting from June 18, Xiaomi presents the new "Digital Consultant" service: an opportunity for all technology enthusiasts to learn about mobile and smart life products inside Casa Xiaomi, thanks to the support of a personal consultant. To access the service simply click on the banner on or navigate directly to, book an appointment and select the area of interest and then receive a personalised consultation in video conference directly from Casa Xiaomi.

"Thanks to the project we show the true essence of our smart life ecosystem in a context such as the Brera Design District that enhances the quality not only of our technology, but also of our design. That's why when it comes to "Abitare l'Innovazione" we are at the forefront" said Davide Lunardelli.

Xiaomi and Fuorisalone, design and technology at the service of innovation.

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