Esion, the new frontier of silence

News — 22 August 2021

Esion, the Enterprise founded by e-Novia Group at the end of 2020, developed an active noise control system to meet the need of acoustic comfort and privacy that comes from the growing use of open-plans arrangements in business and private contexts.

In fact, the latest evidence[1]released by the World Health Organization on health and noise pollution confirms what has already been assumed for a long time: 20% of Europe's population lives and works in areas where noise levels are likely to impair the psychophysical abilities of individuals. And this figure is destined to double by 2030.

Nowadays, noise pollution is a problem that involves more than 70% of workspaces in Europe. It is therefore the responsibility of HR managers and directors to limit its impact on the company's human capital.


Noise is a problem that directly affects the productivity of employees: regardless whether the noise comes directly from inside or outside the office, the constant interruption of work activities can lead to poor concentration, increased blood pressure and, generally, higher stress levels.

Today, the global market for indoor soundproofing products is forecast to grow at an annual rate of +4.5% for the next 5 years. And yet, currently available anti-noise solutions, such as insulated cabins, only features passive soundproofing properties.

To meet these needs, Esion has designed an active noise cancelling system, that goes beyond the traditional concept of a noise barrier. Thanks to the development of an advanced algorithm, Esion has created an intelligent panel capable of generating an enveloping zone of silence around the single person, thereby providing him with greater comfort and psychophysical well-being.


The Company aims to address its business not only the “traditional” office market, but also the new frontiers of remote working, where non-functional and extemporary workstations are in urgent need of improving their acoustic design.

Last but not least, the possibility of integrating this new type of acoustic solution with other technologies, (such as lighting systems or passive barriers) is bringing Esion into the world of design.

For further information, visit Esion website.


[1] Fonte: Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region

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