Ecopur®: protects, purifies and paints


The revolutionary certified protective ecoresin that purifies environments from smog, pollen, germs, bacteria and viruses, even the most dangerous and resistant ones such as Coronavirus.
In addition to protecting surfaces, it ionizes environments and fights unwanted smells by refreshing all spaces, as would a big tree.


It does not contain titanium dioxide and does not generate ozone which is harmful to humans, if the threshold limits are exceeded.
It gives floor and wall surfaces new properties, with further benefits for wellbeing.

The essential features of  Ecopur® is the ability to emit electronegative charges (negative ions) in every lighting condition, even in the dark, 24 hours a day, on the surface and in the surrounding environment, without consuming energy.


The special natural mixtures of inerts and mineral salts generate a considerable ionizing activity, helping to prevent bacterial and viral proliferation, improving the wellbeing of the living spaces in which we live.

Ecopur® can be applied to floors and wall coverings, as well as on continuous surfaces in Ecomalta® and  Oleomalta® and it can also be used in the furniture, parquet, natural stone, metal, wallpaper and furnishing accessories.


Particularly suitable in public environments such as hotels, bathrooms, showers, offices, schools, hospitals and communities, as it helps to prevent bacterial and viral proliferation.




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