JoeVelluto's solo exhibition opens in Padova

News, Appointments — 04 October 2021

"Design in practice / Virtuous design practices" is an immersive physical journey and an online platform that recounts the first twenty years of the studio's activity together with some previously unseen projects.

JoeVelluto Studio's solo exhibition "Design in practice / Virtuous design practices", curated by Leonardo Caffo, sponsored and hosted by the City of Padua with the support of UBI Unione Buddhista Italiana, opened on September 17th. The exhibition gathers a selection of projects produced and self-produced in these first 20 years of activity and presents some unpublished projects of forthcoming production. The exhibition is also a reflection on the capacity and strength of design as a virtuous practice, capable of inspiring consciences and orienting habits.



The starting point and source of inspiration is the Eightfold Path of Buddhist practice: eight points for a more ethical, responsible and conscious life, which when applied to planning and design can generate virtuous thoughts and products. The eight points were also a source of inspiration for the exhibition's set-up project (realised in a sustainable way thanks to the support of GiPlanet Group) and led to the creation of eight video installations, developed in collaboration with Fabrica. Each of the video installations describes an ethical principle which, before being applied to the practice of design, should guide us in our journey as human beings.



Among the new projects on show, one of the most interesting is the project dedicated to food surpluses developed for Alì Supermarkets. A smart food counter that uses a large display to highlight the remaining time of food that is about to expire, showing their nutritional factors and suggesting cooking recipes for consumption. A project to raise awareness about waste, but also aimed at creating a real community to spread the message by guiding consciences. Every week the food recovered from the exhibition will be donated to charity.


The exhibition, which is freely accessible by appointment, will also be available online via the dedicated website A digital container, which will remain active even after the exhibition is over, where it will be possible to explore the main issues through video interviews and dossiers. The site is designed in dark view and created in black and white only, like the exhibition's entire corporate image, with the aim of using as little energy as possible.

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