Design in progress: 45 Giri handmade wallpaper collection

45 Giri is the new dynamic auteur collection by Affreschi & Affreschi.


In this new dynamic auteur collection from one side Affreschi & Affreschi has launched Recon series, created by the artist Simone Florell, that explores the connectivity, humanity, liveliness and secureness of human interaction through the use of warm hues and organic, interlocking shapes and layers. Wherever space is designed, people come together, encounters take place. Recon should convey a sense of security to those present and make them feel welcome, relaxed and invigorated at the same time.


From the other side the company has presented Memoriales series, created by the interior designer and illustrator Valentina Sironi: history, as the basis of our present, underlines the interaction between the Ancient world and the Contemporary world.


The desire to relate these two historical phases has materialized in the project development of the designs created. In fact, the techniques used for their creation blend the primary interventions of collage, cut-outs, and brushstrokes in Indian ink with digital graphic techniques.

As other graphic proposals featured in 45 Giri new collection, a Neoclassical sophisticated taste alternates with elegant floral and soft tropical decor ideas, offering a wide selection even for the most demanding clients.

All Affreschi & Affreschi wall designs are reproduced on a handmade eco-friendly textured material. Find out 45 Giri handmade wallpaper collection online.


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