For its 15th anniversary, becomes a board game

"Our objective was to create a truly original game, not just a gadget for the event"


Experiencing the Fuorisalone all year long? It is now possible with the board game of Milan Design Week.


This was an idea by Cristian Confalonieri, co-founder of Studiolabo and of, who states: “Our objective was to create a truly original game, not just a gadget for the event, something that could evoke the atmosphere of Fuorisalone, simple and easy to play with by anyone and at anytime, also those who don’t know anything about Fuorisalone. Board games are becoming very popular and a project for a board game is a fully-fledged design project, much more complex than it might seem, at which a team of game designers, graphic designers and experts in usability, marketing and communication all worked hand in hand for months.”

Studiolabo designed the game in collaboration with Cranio Creations, an Italian company specialised in the creation, production and distribution of board games.

After outlining the concept 7 months have been spent working with Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino, CEO and Game Designer of Cranio Creations, who explains to us the motivations behind this collaboration: “We decided to join this interesting and innovative project because is one of the most internationally-known Milan-based brands and, just like Cranio Creations, it exports the image of the high-quality, Made-in-Italy product worldwide. We believe that this alchemy generated a product that reflects the soul of Milan. The Fuorisalone board game will in fact allow you to relive this unique experience at home, remembering places and players that celebrate Milan as world design capital.

Let's see how the game it will experiences the Milan Design Week.
The board board summarising the 68 Fuorisalone key locations of these past few years: La Triennale di Milano to Bar Basso, from BASE to the hidden historic buildings of the city of Milan.
The other side of the board subdivides the design week into three main phases: Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Each time of the day will propose four events taking place at the same time in different locations: the objective of each player is to join at least one event to gain the corresponding card. Every location card represents a design icon-object; with more than one object you will be able to reach the targets that will allow you to achieve more points.

The design icons included in the game are: Juicy Salif lemon squeezer by Philippe Starck (Alessi), Eclisse table lamp by Vico Magistretti (Artemide), Gnomes side table by Philippe Starck (Kartell), Panton chair by Verner Panton (Vitra), Puppy pouf by Eero Aarnio (Magis), P40 lounge chair by Osvaldo Borsani (Tecno).

The goal of the game is then the same like it in real life, the winner is the player who best moves around the city finding the most important places and events according to the time of the day.
I'ts playable from 2 to 4 players, Age 14+, game time about 50 minutes.



The game is available in pre-sale with promotional code SORPRESA (promotion is valid until 27th February) on and will be available from March 9th, 2018 in the main specialty stores, bookstores and online at Cranio Creations website as well as on the main e-commerce websites for € 34,95.

Share your games on social networks with official hashtag #fuorisalonegioco.

Authors: Cristian Confalonieri (Studiolabo), Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino (Cranio Creations)
Illustrations: Silvia Gherra (, Graphics: Andrea Venegoni (Studiolabo)
Game rules: Fabrizio Somma (Studiolabo), Edited by: Giuliano Acquati (Cranio Creations)

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 20 February 2018


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