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Hyundai Sculpture In Motion 2.0 - Helio Curve
Hyundai @ Fuorisalone 2015
From 15/06 AT 08:00

Hyundai Sculpture In Motion 2.0 - Helio Curve

Hyundai @ Fuorisalone 2015

SUPERDESIGN SHOW, Superstudio Più, Hyundai Motor Design Center presents at Milan Design Week 2015 a new kinetic art installation, titled ‘Helio Curve’, which is the second part of its ‘Sculpture in Motion’ project celebrating the links between movement in nature and the automotive world.

With design becoming an ever more important element of Hyundai’s brand’s identity, the company uses the annual Milan Design Week as a stage on which to present its ‘Fluidic’ design philosophy and its unique view of the world – debuting a different artistic approach each year. This year, bringing movement to life, the Helio Curve installation takes on the form of a continuously moving living organism, demonstrating the way ‘moment of motion’ can take ‘tangible’ form while still retaining its natural energy and movement. The art work gives expression to the vitality, harmonious unity and interconnectivity of natural movement – reflecting Hyundai Motor’s unique ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ philosophy where the design process is always adaptive, flowing and inspired by nature.





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