besana9: from venue to place

besana9 is a dream come true. It has been meant as the perfect answer to the needs of those who come to Milan for the major events or choose the city to start or develop their business. It has been imagined as a place to stay, work, share, present; a place with deep roots in the spirit of the city, founded over 25 centuries ago as crossroad of activity, commerce and culture.

The idea seduces Anne Schweitzer, the Luxemburg architect and interior designer who, since moving to Milan had been exploring the concept of ‘casa ambrosiana’; the idea becomes a project, the space functional, the intangible tactile. The white page changes color, the rooms are populated with a careful selection of pieces, the light is warmer. According to Anne Schweitzer ‘besana9 must have an interesting personality without taking all the attention: visitors and guests must feel at ease, in a comfortable place’.

besana9 opens not just as a venue: it’s a place in the heart of Milan, for those who have Milan in their heart.

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 27 March 2017

via Enrico Besana, 9


© — All rights reserved. — Published on 27 March 2017