AVATR 11 - Your Emotional Intelligent Companion

News, Appointments, Milan — 12 April 2023

Electric vehicle brand AVATR Technology focuses on emotional intelligence and stands for casual luxury with a futuristic design. Balancing contrasts and humanized aesthetics create a sense of oneness between product and user.

It is hard to ignore the central role design plays for the car brand, founded in 2018. Its first model, AVATR 11, is a concentrate of aesthetic sensitivity and beauty capable to cater to all the user’s needs.

Bold confidence, new intelligence and vibrant individuality are three pillars of AVATR’s DNA. The design philosophy comes from the AVATR Global Design Center in Munich led by CDO Nader Faghihzadeh. The renowned automotive designer and his team of experts from all parts of the world collaborate to redefine concepts and find futuristic and sustainable high-end solutions.


The AVATR 11 looks pure and solid on the outside and warm and caring on the inside. The exterior design combines simplicity with integrated high-tech details, such as a halo matrix display and a multitude of hidden sensors, including LiDARS, allowing for advanced assisted driving. Distinctive f-shaped headlights underline the futuristic design, and an adaptive spoiler improves aerodynamics and high-speed driving.


The interior design derives from the idea of a responsive capsule. Technology blends in harmoniously. A 14-speaker sound system, acoustic glass for front windscreen and road noise cancellation empower users to focus on quality time. The focal point is the emotional VORTEX which initiates the smart responsive lighting source from the dashboard towards the doors. High-quality craftsmanship and a vibrant colour and trim concept with antibacterial NAPA leather ensure maximum comfort.

AVATR 11 comes in different versions. Co-designed with fashion designer Matthew M. Williams, the car is also produced in an all-black limited edition as AVATR 011.


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