Poliform Milan: the new arrangement of the showroom in Piazza Cavour

— 24 August 2020

Poliform presents the new arrangement of its historical showroom in Piazza Cavour, Milan.
Housed on the ground floor of Palazzo dell'Informazione, a monumental building dating from the 1930s, the showroom is split into two spaces. One is set aside for the kitchens, the other to living areas and bedrooms: both have had a complete remake of products and style, where the visitor can discover what Poliform is about thanks to a new, stimulating experience which can be enjoyed in the most up-to-date proposals for kitchens, living areas and bedrooms.

Phoenix, Shape, My Planet and Alea take centre stage in the area set aside for kitchens, completed with snack tops, tables and chairs. Attention to finishings and the combination of elements aims to communicate the formal quality and high level of technical research that goes into Poliform kitchens, as well as the idea of a perfect integration between utility and aesthetics.

Night systems, day systems and complementary pieces can be found in the second area, where the home environments flow into one another in a single stylistic dialogue, from the living area to wardrobes, from shared living spaces to the more private ones, projecting an advanced, modern lifestyle. New products stand alongside classic pieces, colours converse with material and details stand out for their quality.

The new arrangement aims to provide the visitor with a unique experience, in amidst design, formal quality, technical research and a feeling of exclusiveness which only attention to detail can convey. This is enhanced by the incredible architecture of the building which has housed the showroom since 2000.

Erected at the end of the 1930s from a project by Giovanni Muzio to house press agencies and newspaper offices, the Palazzo dell'Informazione overlooks Piazza Cavour with a façade of six floors and a large bas relief overhanging portico designed by Mario Sironi. The palace is still home to some of the most prestigious Italian and international press agencies as well as important newspaper offices.

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