Bosconavigli, the project by Stefano Boeri that follows the Bosco Verticale

News, Milan — 28 September 2021

The project is a "doorway" between city and nature, which is proposed as a model for the contemporary image of urban centres. 

Last week was presented Bosconavigli, a residential complex project born from an idea of Stefano Boeri and developed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and Arassociati with landscape design by AG&P greenscape. Promoted by Milano 5.0, a company that brings together a pool of Milanese developers and investors, Bosconavigli will renovate Via San Cristoforo and will be the centrepiece of the renewal of the area between the Tortona area and the Navigli.

Bosconavigli - Top view of the project © Stefano Boeri Architetti

Bosconavigli, which is based on the model of the Bosco Verticale which won the 2015 International Highrise Award as the world's most beautiful tall building, will rise on an area of over 8,000 square metres next to the old Borgo San Cristoforo and will house 90 new residential units. The building will be conceived as a single unit surrounded by vegetation and integrated into the landscape. Large stairways will host private terraces and hanging gardens. The façades and roofs will be covered in lush greenery. It will be a living, sustainable organism, as the vegetation system is designed to filter microparticles of fine dust and reduce pollution, while reducing energy consumption thanks to the thermal inertia of the vegetation, which provides protection from the sun's rays and absorbs CO2. The thousands of plants and shrubs that will cover Bosconavigli will be a landmark of biodiversity and will change the colours and profiles of the building as the seasons change.

Bosconavigli -  L'ingresso e l'edificio su via San Cristoforo © Level Creative Studio

Bosconavigli - Area Bimbi © Level Creative Studio

Of course, green solutions will also be seen in the technological features: photovoltaics integrated with the architecture, rainwater collection for self-sufficient irrigation of plant organisms, geothermal energy. The design of the loggias also aims to improve the interpenetration of interior and exterior, enhancing the exchange of heat and natural light.

Bosconavigli - Esterno © Echoo Studio

Bosconavigli - Duplex vista giardino © Echoo Studio
"After the international success of the Bosco Verticale, my studio wanted to propose its own version, which is developed around a central courtyard and a hundred-year-old elm tree. Bosconavigli adds to the tree-lined facades the presence of plants on all the roofs, transformed into green terraces. A new ecosystem of high biodiversity is emerging along the Navigli, in the heart of the most authentic Milan", said Stefano Boeri.

Bosconavigli -  Palestra © Echoo Studio

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