Casavo exemplifies “home” through inhabitants’ objects

In the lively Tortona District, Casavo has created a space for pondering life, the changes we have experienced, the changes to come and the things we take with us from house to house.


What does it mean to “feel at home”?
This is the question that Casavo, the European Home Platform that guarantees an innovative and comprehensive experience to people who want to sell or buy a house, asked itself for Fuorisalone 2022


Between design and innovation, life is made of things

The question asked by Casavo is hard to answer. Not everyone has the same definition of “home”. The definition changes over time and in relation to the places of everyday life. It changes in relation to feelings and various life phases. Which is why Casavo created La Casa delle Cose, a place where past, present and future come together, a place where the homes we have lived in and our memories take on a new form.

La Casa delle Cose is a place to reflect

La Casa delle Cose is a modern design installation that provides an immersive and interactive experience in contrast to the lively exterior. It is a place to create space for our inner self, by distancing ourselves from all the confusion that surrounds us. It is a guided journey through memories thanks to the sounds and a voice that allows us to understand the direction life is going in and the objects or “things” to take with us on this journey of change.

What doesn’t change is the sensation of feeling at home

Casavo helps visitors reproduce this feeling by reminding us of the things we hold most dear. There is a coffee pot, a camera, an old guitar, a well-loved armchair, a book with the cover in tatters from being read so many times, and many other objects that are all different and all have a story to tell.

La Casa delle Cose is good for the heart and for others

The objects that tell these stories are part of the larger story being told within La Casa delle Cose, which will eventually become a digital work of art. This NFT will be good for the hearts of those who take this journey but also good for those in need. In fact, Casavo will donate all the proceeds from the sale of the NFT to charity.
Because feeling at home means feeling good.


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