Evento 2022

City Center Office Campus di One Works


> Edificio visitabile solo dall'esterno

Urban Office Campus - LEED Gold 

A deep retrofit of three buildings to create a new impressive and unique Urban Office Campus located within a deep urban block close to Castello Sforzesco in the city center of Milan. Articulated around a central courtyard, each building was different in architectural features, morphology, size, and period of construction.  

The aim of the project was the re-generation of this cluster of buildings to create a harmonic, functional, and energy efficient (LEED Gold) campus providing a desirable and comfortable living and working environment that establishes a strengthened relationship with the surrounding urban context. The renewed domestic inner courtyard was designed to become an intimate and quiet “secret garden” full of greenery and seating that is both accessible to the local community and adaptable for events and private exhibitions.  

Designed to achieve LEED Gold - a certification that “creates healthy, highly efficient, cost-saving green buildings” – the decision, shared with the client, was to extensively retrofit the existing building structures, consolidated energy production, and provide a range of clever design solutions to each of the building’s based on their location and geometry. This included the introduction of intuitive filtering curtain systems managed by a series of sensors that react to the local conditions, natural ventilations systems, as well as innovative “passive façade” designed to massively increase the buildings thermal efficiency through all seasons of the year. 

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6-12 Giugno 2022


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