Korean Craft 2020 The Shape of Senses, The Shape of Colors

— 08 October 2020

Through the interaction of the five senses, the diverse and profound world of Korean craft crosses between the borders of experience and self-reflection, visibility and invisibility, and practicality and beauty.

This exhibition takes an attempt to reinterpret the Korean craft through focusing on the auditory and olfactory senses. Through the ‘sound’ of a Korean traditional bell and the ‘scent’ of agarwood incense, it is designed to expand the boundaries of Korean craft into the indiscernible territory. The ring of the bell which represents the height of the Korean sound gently resonates throughout the space, and within it the aroma blooms. Objects and existence connect anew and confront each other through this sound and scent. The Korean scent and sound is directed towards (the inner workings of the human mind) oneself rather than being conscious of what is around. Going beyond the use and experience, this exhibition aims to encourage visitors to look into the intrinsic nature and spirituality of objects and self-reflect.

The reason this exhibition is composed of the five colors and senses that centers around the auditory and olfactory senses is because invisible and synesthetic elements such as sound and scent is one of the key elements (much like the invisible air) that has sustained Korean crafts. The interpretation of Korean craft that has thus far been based on its visual-usage-touch will be expanded into the invisible territory, and the fundamentals of Korean aesthetics that connect to self-reflection through experience will be revisited. Through this effort, the exhibition aims to confirm that the Korean aesthetics is much more diverse, flexible and open than the handicraft tradition or modern-day machine aesthetics that we know. It is also the goal of this project to not only reinterpret and expand Korean craft tradition but also to resonate with modern craft as well as everyone living in this age of artificial intelligence.

Theme 1 | Shape of Sound_Seeing the Sound
The Buddhist bell that is considered the apotheosis of sound is installed at the center of the stage while contemporary Korean traditional crafts made of natural materials such as hanji, silk, wood, ceramics, hwamunseok, and mother-of-pearl are spread over the overlapping space like a work of painting.

Theme 2 | Shape of Color_Touching the Color
Various crafts of ceramics, lacquer paint, metal, woven accessories that create harmony of formative shapes and color objects are presented. Through the color variations of the five traditional Korean colors and arrangements, Korean emotions and aesthetics are waiting to be revealed.

Theme 3 | Shape of Scent_Listening to the Scent
Incense is burned within the inner space created by naturally dyed cloths, and meditation objets and hanji collage paintings are arranged. External and internal sides of Korean crafts that are closely linked to life are exposed and questions the essence of Korean aesthetics that lead to experience and introspection.

Jaeyoung Kang (Artistic Director of <Korean Craft 2020_The Shape of Senses, The Shape of Colors>)
Jaeyoung Kang received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Art Studies from Hongik University. She began her career as a curator at Whanki Museum and later took on the role as the chief curator of Korea Ceramic Foundation.

She directed the 25th Anniversary Commemoration <Odd to White Porcelain> (1999) at Whanki Museum, the 3rd World Ceramic Biennale Exhibition <Trans-Ceramic-Art>, and the 4th World Ceramic Biennale Exhibition <Ceramic, The Skin of Asia> (2007). In 2008, she was appointed the co-curator of Nanjing Triennale in Nanjing, China.
In more recent years, she was the artistic director of F1963 Cultural Renovation of Abandoned Industrial Properties in Busan, Korea from 2017 to 2018, the artistic director of <Salt: the Soul of color, Flavor and Style> at KCDF, Korea in 2018, and directed Craft Week Exhibition <Beautiful or Useful> at Culture Station Seoul 283 in 2019. Jaeyoung is currently the CEO of Mangrove Artworks and undertakes various projects and exhibitions that cross over diverse range of genres.

Artistic Director: Jaeyoung Kang
Space Design: Taehee Lim
Curator: Hyerim Hwang

Myungsun Kang, Bohyung Koh, Minjung Kim, Jungok Kim, Chunho Kim+Dongchun Lee, Seonkeung Park, Yunhwan Park+Hyesu Kim, Honggu Park, Kwangsik Won, Byungchan Lee, Hyunjung Lee, Kwangsoon Rim, Jinwon Chung, Jiman Choi, Myoungwook Huh, Monk Neonghye.

Consulting by: Monica Moonjung Go

Hosted by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea
Organized by: Korea Craft and Design Foundation

© — All rights reserved. — Published on 08 October 2020


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