Lissoni Casal Ribeiro signs the 5-star hotel for Beijing's Shougang Park

News — 22 February 2021

The hotel will be built in the same area as the sports facilities for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Lissoni Casal Ribeiro, the department of Lissoni&Partners dedicated to master plans, architecture and landscape design, has realised the project for the new luxury hotel that will rise in the same area designated for the next Beijing Winter Olympics, scheduled for 2022

© Lissoni&Partners

© Lissoni&Partners

The entire district, called Shougang Park, currently disused, will be the site of most of the sports facilities for the Olympic Games and will integrate the structures that will make up the hotel. The hotel will consist of a Main Building with common areas and the Guestrooms Building with 282 guest rooms, connected by an elevated bridge. As an extension of the Main Building, the project also includes a new construction covered with black ceramic bricks, dedicated to events.

© Lissoni&Partners

© Lissoni&Partners

This is a complex project, which not only includes the development of the interiors, but also that of the facades and green areas, both inside and outside the building. Lissoni Casal Ribeiro has preserved the existing original structure, the cement walls and steel trusses, as well as the patina and natural signs of time. A skeleton with a clear industrial matrix. 

© Lissoni&Partners

© Lissoni&Partners

The large glass façade of the Main Building embraces the structure of the building, like a transparent skin that welcomes the existing building without affecting its style, but calibrating its lights and temperatures, in a sort of winter garden full of vegetation. 

© Lissoni&Partners

© Lissoni&Partners

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