The Strategy Innovation Home Lab
“We measure the home through the quality of relationships”

Strategy Innovation, a university spin-off of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, can leverage on a blended group of professionals, composed of managers, designers, engineers, sociologists, psychologists, art historians, computer scientists and men of letters, which allows us to operate in any sector and market.

On the occasion of Fuorisalone 2021, Strategy Innovation has set up a laboratory –  Laboratorio dell’Abitare – devoted  to measuring the house, not so much in square meters, but rather in the quality of the relationships.
11 companies from the Strategy Innovation ecosystem took part in the Laboratory which, through their expertise will take you inside every room of the house and its surroundings to discover the relational and symbolic value that each room is capable of generating and cultivating.

It is precisely the emergence of the values conveyed by each room, of what cannot be lacking and what we would miss if a room were to disappear, that will lead to the drafting of a Manifesto of future living.

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