Affreschi & Affreschi launches the new collection Season 1

The handmade wall coverings catalogue Season 1, designed by Vincenzo D’Alba | Kiasmo, coming out on September the 30th.


"Season 1" collection is the result of a deep creative research made by the Italian artist and designer Vincenzo D'Alba. On Affreschi & Affreschi plaster backing these exclusive graphic proposals emerge in all their beauty, thanks to the special finish.
The manufacture of Affreschi & Affreschi handcrafted wallpapers is made through the use of traditional natural materials, a mixture of various components, including lime, grains of Carrara marble and roman travertine, combined to modern technological processes. The final effect is that of a real wall, only 1 mm thick, which can be easily rolled up and shipped. Art, traditional and technology come together in a unique product able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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