Zanotta: Intimacy 2021 Collection

From 12 to 23 April Zanotta participates to the Milano Design City 2021 program of initiatives by opening the doors of its showroom at the Porta Garibaldi toll booths with all the latest products from the Zanotta collection: Intimacy. The Intimacy theme explores the relationship between furnishings and the people who live in them through six home and contract environments, different interpretations of contemporary living.

Intimacy tells the story of living spaces that change over time, sharing their existence and transformations. It narrates our deep relationship with the objects that surround us and are integral to our personality and personal history.

In continuity with 2020's Back to emotions collection, Intimacy interprets the need for authentic, concrete design expressed in objects full of meaning, functional but with a soul, conceived to accompany us throughout our lives.

A room is not just a neutral location filled with furniture, but is rather a silent witness to our lives, a space which changes and grows with us, gathers up our memories and feelings, and recounts our truest and most private moments. The "style" in the house is ending, we return to a simpler and more real project.


In line with its philosophy “Focus on people”, Zanotta considers the project to be a bearer of meaning that establishes a relationship with the user: designs become timeless products, intended to be used throughout our lives and passed on to coming generations.

Zanotta adopts an ethical approach focussed on usability and the search for the essence of design.

For Zanotta, sustainability is linked to specific design choices and the concept of “good design”: this means functional, recognisable, authentic products whose meaning and form never age. It means using a few, simple components which are easy to assemble and take apart, made of high quality, natural materials which never become obsolete and are easy to recycle at the end of their life. It means using standardised methods to test the strength and durability of the product, and flatpack packaging to save space and optimise shipping.


Intimacy is a wide ranging collection, made of an innovative new product and a number of extensions to existing important product ranges already in the catalogue:

Ambrosiano, the new modular table for residential and contract applications, designed by Studio Mist-o – the exciting Italian/Japanese design duo – reinterprets the conventional trestle table in a contemporary key as a system with a large number of tops in different materials and innumerable configurations;

Tweed Mini, low tables designed by Garcia Cumini to accompany large island sofas, whose forms and finishes match the dining table collection of the same name launched in 2017;

Pianoalto, the collection of longseller sofas designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, has been expanded with two new curved elements which make possible completely new sinuous, open configurations, ideal for waiting rooms and common areas in hotels and offices;

Dan outdoor, the chair designed by Patrick Norguet and launched in 2020, with its coloured elastic strap structure, is now also available in an outdoors version to confirm its identity as ideal for both the home and contract applications;

Maggiolina, Marco Zanuso's iconic armchair, returns to the catalogue in an original version with fabric cushions.


The strategy of a digital launch

On 12 April, Zanotta will present Intimacy with a global live web event hosted by Giuliano Mosconi, President and CEO of Zanotta.

The presentation will feature a discussion, chaired by architect and freelance journalist Silvia Botti, on the concept of “Intimacy” with all the designers who contributed to the 2020 and 2021 products: Mist-o, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Garcia Cumini, Patrick Norguet, Monica Förster, Lanzavecchia + Way and Spalvieri Del Ciotto.

This will be accompanied by a marketing campaign involving all the company's digital touchpoints: social media, the website and DEM.


To tell the story of Intimacy, Zanotta has chosen once more to use animated illustrations, with a multi-episode miniseries by Giulia Conoscenti narrated by Mavì Cerenza. The miniseries tells the story of Alice and Noah, from their childhoods to adulthood, recounting fragments of their everyday lives until they finally meet. This development confirms the empathy, flexibility and durability of Zanotta products and their ability to adapt to us as we and our living spaces change, remaining faithful companions in the lives we share. The use of strong colours is key to the description of the relationships between people and the objects they surround themselves with.

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Ambrosiano, design Misto-o

Understated, solid and modular, the new table system is designed for residential settings, meeting rooms, workspaces and hotel and catering venues. The distinguishing features of the project are the elegance afforded by the formal synthesis, the research conducted into the materials, the ample choice of compositions, the multiple customisation opportunities and the environmental sustainability of the product.

Just four components, designed with painstaking care for every detail, come together to form the architectural structure of the table: a pair of trestles, with slanted oval-section posts - in natural or black stained oak wood -, accommodates two parallel steel crosspieces which securely link the trestles together via eight screws, and also support several types of table top. The table top is placed flush with the trestle for a fixed width of 90 cm. The distance between trestles determines the multiple top lengths - 165, 190, 245, 275 cm - and consequently the variable number of seats from 4 to 10. The tables can easily be placed side-by-side and aggregate to form long, broad and elegant meeting tables. To obtain continuous surfaces longer than 275 cm, a third trestle is envisaged, as well as the use of two table tops placed side-by-side, either 165 or 190 cm in size each, to achieve modular tables measuring 330 or 380 cm.


The table tops are the result of in-depth research into the materials. They are available in natural or black stained oak wood with matching trestles; in smoked plate glass with black stained oak wood trestles; in Fenix® - in pale grey or anthracite grey, with a wooden border and trestles in natural oak wood - a material that is extremely heat resistant, which can be restored after scratches, easily sanitised, anti-reflection, stain-resistant and anti-fingerprint, ideal for workplaces, hotel, catering and contract venues. Two stone versions are also envisaged: white Carrara marble and Onsernone granite (a stone that can only be found and quarried in controlled quantities in Switzerland) for more prized solutions.


The ergonomics and seats were designed following careful evaluation, to determine exactly where to position the trestles along with just the right table top sizes. The size 165 table seats 4, the size 190 seats 6, the size 245 seats 8 and the size 275 seats 10.


Very few components - two trestles, two crosspieces, eight screws and one table top -, strongly industrialised and easy to assemble and disassemble. Quality materials that guarantee the long life of the table and ensure it is recyclable when it reaches the end of its useful life. Plenty of attention has also been paid to the completely flat packaging to minimise the overall dimensions and facilitate transport.


Tweed Mini, design Garcia Cumini

Three new coffee tables designed to complete large sofa islands and offer a practical surface at various heights. The surface stands out for the inlaid processing crafted diagonally with a specular game of outstanding precision which lends it an unusual perception, which is different every time depending on the observation point: the thin sheets of solid oak wood or Canaletto walnut wood are carefully placed side by side until the natural lines in the wood create a graphic sign in continuity with the diagonal line that separates the two parts of the table top, almost as if it were forming the veins on a leaf. The coffee tables are available in three sizes. They can be used individually or teamed together playing with various heights to allow the partial overlapping of the table tops to create more articulate compositions with a strong scenic impact. There are three or four legs depending on the size of the table top, to guarantee proper stability. They are slightly slanted and wedge-shaped, made of tubular metal and welded to a matt black plate which allows them to be secured to the underside of the table top. The coffee tables complete the Tweed family of tables which was launched in 2017 matching their shapes, materials and finishes.


The table tops are available in natural and black stained oak wood finish, or in Canaletto walnut wood. The lowest coffee table has an elongated shape and is generously sized, suitable for resting objects and books on; the medium-sized coffee table has a more regular shape and offers a practical surface for other decorative items; the tallest coffee table is the smallest one and thanks to its three legs, it blends in seamlessly with the poufs or with the open end seat elements and offers practical support for a tablet, a glass of water or a lamp.


Tweed coffee tables are shipped in flat packs and completely disassembled. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, as they consist of just 4 components: the table top, the legs, the screws and the feet. All the components are made from top-quality, super sturdy and highly durable materials that are easy to recycle when they reach the end of their useful life.



Pianoalto, design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The famous Pianoalto collection of modular sofas has been extended thanks to two new curved elements which make it possible to create unprecedented spatial configurations distinguished by more sinuous silhouettes and open compositions, to create areas for conversation and socialising in domestic living rooms, as well as in lounges, waiting rooms and reception areas in hotels, workplaces and multi-purpose facilities.

Linear, corner, open and closed configurations, with an impressive scenic impact even in the most compact sizes. Thanks to the new curved elements, which are available in the version with a depth of 116 cm, the “vis-à-vis” compositions with two opposing sofas prove more enveloping and create a cosier and more welcoming feel that’s also ideal for contract settings.

An island of relaxation, a generously sized soft platform on which to arrange cushions, mixing and matching elements freely, creating a dynamic alternating sequence of modules complete with a backrest, end elements without armrests, extended armchairs and poufs and playing with the various depth versions.

Comfort is the focus of the project, which is further guaranteed now thanks to the new range of high-backed cushions with a roller designed to support both your shoulders and your head.


The seat is conceived as a single volume that embraces both the internal wooden structure and the base. The feet, which are recessed diagonally with respect to the base, form the characteristic diamond shape of the underside, making it look is if it is floating above the ground. The seat, back and armrest padding is in differentiated density polyurethane/Dacron Du Pont with a goose down quilted insert to achieve uniform softness and exceptional ergonomic comfort. The filling of the backrest and armrests also contains polyester staple fibres to make them more form-stable. All the elements have removable covers.


Dan outdoor, design Patrick Norguet

The chair with/without arms designed by Patrick Norguet and launched in 2020, with its coloured elastic strap structure, is now also available in an outdoors version to confirm its identity as ideal for both the home and contract applications.

The folded Stainless steel 304 frame, consisting of simple members without screws which are quick and easy to assemble and take apart, is available painted in matt iron grey or black for outdoor.

The seat and back are made of elastic straps stretched directly on the frame. The straps themselves are the outcome of research into automotive technology, and offer high performance in terms of resilience, strength and comfort. Made of polyester yarn (in the colours yellow, string, anthracite and blue), they have a characteristic diagonal 3D texture; they can be personalised with graphics and text on request.


Maggiolina, design Marco Zanuso

In 1972 Zanotta put into production the chaise longue designed in 1947 by Marco Zanuso, the great Milanese designer, tireless experimenter of materials and technologies applied to design.

An innovative project, which abandons the traditional notions of the armchair as a padded structure that makes use of artisan skills, to experiment with a new constructive system designed for industrial mass production. The designer’s research is based on the advancement of the modern method, with a functional breaking down of elements: curved and painted metal tubing, semirigid body and two padded cushions.

The 1972 reissue maintains faith in the original version by presenting an elegant tubular stainless steel structure (18/8 polished or black painted steel tubular frame or with natural or black nickel-satin finish);

armrests and shell in white or black cowhide pigmentato 90; two soft cushions - in Ecofire, leather or fabric -with goose down padding for the backrest and polyurethane / Dacron Du Pont for the seat.



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